Policies and Disclaimers

Privacy Policy – Liability Waiver

All participants must be registered prior to the beginning of any session.
DC Athletics Club, Inc. has a no refund policy up to 14 days before the official start date of a program. All payments are final and nonrefundable.
No refunds or credits will be issued for cancellation withdrawal submitted in less than 14 days of the official start date of a DC Athletics Club, Inc. program.
Any payment in the form of a check needs to be accompanied with details of participant and online registrant.
Any claim regarding program registration/payment/product that is submitted after 60 days from the starting date will be considered abandoned and will not be reviewed or refunded.

Change of Location

DC Athletics Club, Inc. reserves the rights to:
*cancel any program that does not meet the minimum enrollment required
*change the location, day, time in case of unforeseen circumstances

DC Athletics Club, Inc. will contact parents offering alternative programs in such instances.
Thus, no refunds/credits will be issued in such circumstances. No Guarantee will be made that an alternative program can or will be made as so much is dependent upon timing and availability of space and resources.
Inclement weather/Emergency Closing
Please refer to the website, or your group manager for information on program cancellations. In addition, please, check your email messages. We usually send cancellation confirmations on the day of the program. No refunds/credits are given for such events.
In case of emergency or cancellation, DC Athletics Club, Inc. contacts parents via e-mail. DC Athletics Club, Inc. will use the registration information to contact you via email, so it is important that you provide accurate information.
DC Athletics Club, Inc. reserves the right to change/cancel the time of the program without notice.

Makeup Programs:
There are two makeup programs reserved for 8-10 week sessions, and one make-up program for the 6-7 week sessions to be scheduled at the end of all the programs of the given season. No make-ups apply to 4-week sessions. Make up programs may also be scheduled on a different day/time than the usual program’s date/time if necessary. There are NO make-ups for scheduled make-up programs that were cancelled.
All programs of the season, as well as all make up programs must be finished by the end of the season. No refunds/credits are given to programs that could not take place.

There are no refunds, nor will credits be given after the starting date of a program.
In order to withdraw your child from a program before the starting date, please contact DC Athletics Club, Inc. at least 14 days before the beginning of the program. A $45 fee will be deducted from your refund amount. Please, allow up to 45 days for your refund to be issued.
Only registered participants will be allowed on the field of play.

Returned checks:
There is a $45 fee for any returned check.
Change of program:
In the event that you wish to switch to a different program (location or time) please email us so we can discuss the possibilities.

***Parent Release waiver & Liability***
I understand that DC Athletics Club, Inc. expects me to read, and agree to all the terms, prior to registration. This registration is a verification of my agreement to DC Athletics Club, Inc. terms and policies. Although, all efforts are being made to provide my child with a safe environment, I understand that there is a risk of accident and that the minor is insured incase of any injuries that may occur during his/her time participating. It is also understood that the participating minor is in proper physical condition to take part in activities that involve intense exercising (i.e. running). If necessary, I authorize DC Athletics Club, Inc. staff to undertake first aid procedures. I further understand that DC Athletics Club, Inc. directors and employees alike assume no responsibility, and will not be liable for any kind of injury, illness, or accident resulting in medical, dental, or other expenses. It is my responsibility to have my child picked up promptly at the end of the scheduled program. I will let the coach know in advance if anyone other than myself will be picking up my child.

Photo Paparazzi
I grant permission to DC Athletics Club, Inc. and its photo Paparazzi to use digital images to promote on their website and or leaflets.