We did assemble and made a film, our third, called -Be Tween (2015). We delivered to the contest center by the 7:30 Sunday deadline. Unfortunately, we because of the high resolution digital content the render time requirement was large. A few of our green screen and special effects scenes did not correctly render. After a vote we decided to re render and deliver again- this time as late. The choice was to see and present our entry at the highest quality.

Sugarush – Assemble

We are doing the 48 hour film festival again this year. But this year in order to have a better chance of having our movie seen we are looking to do the DC competition the week end of May 1-3 .   In preparation we will be brainstorming characters on Monday April 6 and two additional sessions on the 24th and 30th. I just propose those dates so we can move them. We need to choose character identities and then meet to have dinner -in character. The idea is to take our genre selection and put those characters in a situation that fits the genre. We will also need to construct a group context detective agency, detention, summer school, neighborhood and develop a mode, habit, and style of communication whether sign language, cell phone, walkie-talkies or secret language etc.


We are thinking of filming with cellphones this year if we can make some new sound tech work. So the kids can get more technical exposure and responsibility. We are brainstorming on ways to have kids perhaps film, set design, produce and provide original score. But let’s meet before we tell them. DC Dogs has sponsored the entry fee again this year. DC Athletics (Sugarush) will will collect for food and refreshment to support three pre-production planning sessions, the competition weekend as well as props, costumes, and locations. We can also discuss a plan to meet for dinner before our screening, which will be in Silver Spring. We can develop a plan for that on the 6th. The key is to plan and get started.

About Sugarush

Sugarush is a film making troop that began in 2013 then comprised of members ages 4 to 11 years old.. The team collaborates to develop a story, script, film, edit and score (music) in 48 hours (over a weekend). The finished product was delivered at 7:30 on Sunday May 3. And screened on May 8th.

 Films to date:
Tween Smackdown on the Council of Evil (2013)
Mr. Joy (2014)

The competition and film making process provides an opportunity to develop and promote literacy skills, by excavating work choice, examining themes, story message, character traits and arc. The kids team in an exercise centered on studying the elements of reality and perception. It also places a chasm between reality and the manufactured reality of what they see on screen. It also offers opportunity for the kids to drift behind the camera and in to pre and post production. The technical aspects of film making for sound design and photo optics, to special effects, computer skills and production management.

Lastly, the effort at professionalism prepares them for any endeavor. It requires and builds project skills. It also represents a viable path whether through acting, directing, production, post productions technology or music to name a few. So like the sports we prepare the kids as though they will pursue some aspect professionally while expecting they’ll likely pursue college. In doing so we transfer professional and academic development that will improve their life and capability no matter what they decide to do in life. They key is that we will prepare them each to have a choice.